Stretch & Flow Special Online Offer

Pay for 8 Stretch & Flow online classes and get the 9th free. Offer ends September 2020

One - To - One Sessions with Samantha

Prefer a one - to - one session? You can book 4x 30 minute online Wellness session for £70 or pay as you go £20 for a 30 minute session.

"Samantha’s calm and respectful attitude along with her restful treatment room puts one at ease from the outset. Samantha has helped me to reconnect with my body and listen to it’s cues throughout the day . Samantha begins the session with a conversation in which we decide together the focus for the session. This approach has enabled me to improve my health in the widest sense using massage and sacred esoteric healing. Through Well-being workshops and meditation sessions I am learning techniques and exercises to support mind and body together. Being free from back pain is amazing but working with Samantha has brought so much more. I look forward to continuing the journey to develop the connection with my body and enjoy the health and well-being this brings." PH, Cornwall

"I’ve really enjoyed the classes and I’m feeling more connected to my body, having a growing sense of taking up space and it being ok to do that! Thank you for your kind and accepting, safe presence, it makes all the difference to me in feeling safe enough to attend a class." JR, Cornwall

"Samantha is a woman who inspires other women, to reconnect to their innate wisdom, innate knowing and innate and abundant beauty. A women who inspires me to deeply appreciate what it means to be a woman, living with honesty and zest for life. Samantha has shown me how the world can change by us valuing ourselves as women. When as women, we appreciate other women and build connection, our foundation is powerful." MH, Cornwall

*These events are not a replacement for medical advice, they are developed as a complement and support for whole body health & wellbeing. Please contact a medical professional if you have any symptoms of concern. 


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