About the Practitioners

Samantha Mooney

Samantha is committed to offering clients both women and men a service of high quality body work while providing a supportive space for healing physical and emotional stress and tension. She is continually refining her practice and learning more about body work, massage, healing, nutrition, life coaching and other areas of wellbeing. She is passionate about supporting clients to flourish and live fuller, more meaningful lives. 

Every day I am humbled and inspired by the women who walk through the door of the clinic and share their experiences, raw, honest and open. Ready for change and wanting to commit to a life where they care more and truly support their own wellbeing, not in a selfish way but in a way that offers more for themselves and everyone else. We have so much to learn from one another, we can not do it alone.

Samantha has enjoyed working in communities throughout her career and has worked in hospitality, supported housing and the voluntary sector and she now combines her love of people with working in the health & wellbeing sector. 


Samantha has studied Counselling Skills, Remedial Massage and additional complementary health treatments, understanding through professional study and personal exploration that true healing comes from within...blossoming from the inside out.  This course of study, alongside refining the practical skills of body work and healing, has been a personal unfolding, a heart felt path, going deeper with her own personal healing, to enable her to offer more to her clients.


Learning that the quality of a session is not wholly dependent on what is learnt as knowledge, but by what is lived every day by the practitioner.

Samantha also hosts regular events and workshops concerning exercise, self-care, health & wellbeing for women and breathing exercies. She is a passionate blogger - see more at Inside Out Health & Wellbeing and North Cornwall Physio.

Samantha runs small group exercises classes at the clinic supporting flexibility, balance, posture, strengthening and body awareness see: Stretch & Flow classes for more information. 

Samantha is currently studying nutrition, realising the power of being aware of the body in terms of what we eat and why, through personal observation and exploring this over the last decade. And is developing a gluten, dairy free, low sugar food and lifestyle blog called A Nourishing Life which will be a collection of recipes and observations about our relationships with food. 



Samantha offers simple and practical body work and wellness support for clients to further develop a relationship of self-care and the body. She is a 'gentle but purposeful', hands on practitioner who is dedicated to offering a service that truly respects and appreciates the client whther online or in person.

"Self - love, is not a selfish choice, but rather a conscious choice to make space for ourselves, to love ourselves, to embrace who we are, our strengths and what there is to heal and learn. This is essential for our health & wellbeing." Samantha Mooney


Every session comes with the awareness that the body is the vehicle we have to live, communicate and move in and when we neglect it in our busy and sometimes challenging lives we develop patterns and habits that prevent us from living our full potential. 


I was so grateful for the care and space you held open for me in our session. It allowed your words and touch to run very deep and release not only physical but mental knots. I would recommend any of your therapies very highly to anyone! FP, Cornwall

Samantha offers space to rest, recuperate, reflect, reassess and redefine our relationship with our body, and so potentially with life.