Samantha and Andrew are now offering online and phone consultations for the following services:*

  • Physiotherapy

  • General Nutritional Advice

  • Exercise and Rehab Advice

  • Well-being and Home Care Advice & Programmes

  • Online Exercise Classes

  • Weekly Wellness Programme: A group workshop, 1 hour a week, with support, objectives and reflection.


Our session fees:

  • 30 minute online physiotherapy consultation - £30

  • 30 minute complementary health/wellbeing consultation - £20

  • Online exercise classes - Spinefit, 'Meditate . Stretch . Connect' and Stretch & Flow £5 for one hour

  • If you cannot pay the full amount or anything due personal circumstance please see below

We are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our local community at this challenging time. So please let us know if you do not have an income currently or are struggling and we have a sliding scale which means you can pay what you can afford.  Get in touch if you would like to discuss this further with us.

Physiotherapy Consultations



Stretch & Flow

Exercise Class Weekly

General Nutritional Advice 1:1 and group


Exercise Class Weekly

Meditate . Stretch Connect Monthly

Women's Circle: Health & Wellbeing Monthly

Men's Health & Wellbeing Monthly

Rehabilitation Advice

& Programmes


How this works:

  • We have a secure video / audio online platform

  • We are booking over the phone or by email

  • We take payment by phone or with a bank transfer

  • Once we have confirmed your class / consultation we send you a link via email.

We offer 1:1 consultation, group classes, online with or without camera. If you are not used to using online communication platforms, no problem, get in touch with us and we can talk you through how it works.

*Please note that nothing that is offered here in terms of advice is in any way a replacement for necessary professional medical / psychological support. These classes and consultations are offered to complement conventional medicine and support our community in uncertain times, which is why if you can not afford to pay there is no obligation to do so however we may not be the support that you require, so please contact the services that can support you further i.e NHS or Mind if you are in anyway distressed or feeling unwell. 


There will be more coming up as we respond to the current situation and what is required in way of support. Keep in touch through social media, we are on Facebook and Instagram and also our newsletter will be emailed weekly, with new blogs, advice and support.​


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