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A great way to start the weekend.... two hours of exercise, meditation and reflection.

A complimentary herbal tea and a warm room awaits you... come and let go of the stresses and strains of the week. These workshops have it all, we start with a gentle meditation, incorporate strengthening exercises and stretches and discuss themes around our health and wellbeing. This is a small class and Samantha ensures that everyone is offered one to one support and advice that they build on through the month. 

Date: TBC

Cost: £5 one hour class online

Time: TBC

Enjoy loosening up, being in a warm and welcoming environment. We will explore wellness, what it means for you in everyday life: for example sleep patterns, exercise, posture, energizing techniques and maintaining healthy habits.

This event is suitable for women of all ages and levels of fitness, although please be aware there will be floor work (including stretches on mats) so if you would like to take part in all of this event it is essential that you are able to move down to the floor and up from the floor with ease.

 A one hour exercise class run as an ongoing programme to support women with posture, flexibility, strengthening, breath and body awareness. You can drop in at any time or make it a regular commitment. These are small friendly class where women of all ages and abilities are welcomed.

See current dates available online:

Cost: £5

On Monday 9am, Wednesday 10am and Friday 12pm


If you can not make regular classes, why not drop in to our regular Meditate . Stretch . Connect workshop, 1 hour of supporting your body to thrive.

Join us for Well Women events and workshops hosted by Samantha Davidson. These workshops offer a space for women of all ages to explore relevant themes concerning fitness, exercise, body connection and awareness, breathing, posture, being a woman, meditation, health and wellbeing* 

What participants say:

"I’ve really enjoyed the classes and I’m feeling more connected to my body, having a growing sense of taking up space and it being ok to do that! Thank you for your kind and accepting, safe presence, it makes all the difference to me in feeling safe enough to attend a class." JR, Cornwall

It is so important that we make space for ourselves to grow, flourish and enjoy being ourselves:

"Self - love, is not a selfish choice, but rather a conscious choice to make space for ourselves, to love ourselves, to embrace who we are, our strengths and what there is to heal and learn. This is essential for our health & wellbeing." Samantha Davidson

These friendly, inclusive and upbeat events take place on a monthly basis. Samantha sees many women in the clinic and supports with body work, postural awareness, exercise and home care advice. These groups have been born from the fact that we can not do it on our own, often we some how get distracted by life and our chores and we can become the last priority.


These events run with the cycles of the year, we meet in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn it is a point in the calendar where you can be inspired and inspire, commit to your wellbeing and enjoy a fun and friendly group of women coming together.

If you are keen to making some changes for your well being and are inspired to commitment to self-care on another level then this is the place to be. No perfect required we are all learning together and so growing together.

Samantha says "Everyday I am humbled and inspired by the women who walk through the door of the clinic and share their experiences, raw, honest and open. Ready for change and wanting to commit to a life where they care more and truly support their own wellbeing, not in a selfish way but in a way that offers more to themselves and everyone else. We have so much to learn from one another, we can not do it alone."

Each event will explore of being a women in this world. We will begin with simple meditation, alongside body and voice connection and awareness. We will talk about what matters, the themes will expand and develop along with the group and we complete the group with a warm drink and plenty of space to catch up and make new friends.

Date: Monday fortnightly online
Cost: £5
Time: 7pm - 8pm

*These events are not a replacement for medical advice, they are developed as a complement and support for whole body health & wellbeing. Please contact a medical professional if you have any symptoms of concern. 


What: Well Women

When: Ongoing Events 

Where: At the clinic unless otherwise indicated.

Time: Vary

Bookings: Please book in advance.

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