Independent of his physiotherapy services, Andrew Mooney also offers specific programs for Men's Wellbeing.
The statistics on men's health today show that many men in the community are living with chronic conditions or facing a challenging diagnosis.
Also the realities of daily life can place a great strain both physically and emotionally on men and their bodies.
These programs can offer a great support for any man going through medical treatment for a condition or any man who is struggling to cope with daily life whether it be exhaustion, pain, anxiety or stress.
By supporting men to develop a greater connection with their bodies and how to take care of their bodies and their health many of the lifestyle induced conditions and dysfunctions can be supported and prevented.

I have had treatments from Andrew Mooney regularly over many years for my many afflictions, partly related to my history of extreme sports (skateboarding, surfing and mountaineering) and significant pain and stiffness in my hips, knees and back. I have found Andrew to be an incredibly effective, gentle and professional practitioner of the highest level. Whenever I was injured or unwell Andrew was always a most excellent practitioner to make use of. So much so that I would book in regular sessions with him to enable me to stay on top of and address the various issues and niggles that would arise in my body due to my activities and lifestyle. I could not recommend him highly enough.

AJ, Devon 

What to expect in a

Men's Wellbeing Session

The session will include a discussion about whatever issue is of concern e.g. physical symptoms, stress, exhaustion, habits, or observations and is supported with a personally selected treatment plan. The treatment plan supports the poature, wellbeing and econnection with the body, offering a new perspective, while offering the space to deeply rest and regenerate.  A programme can be established to work with a particular issue or symptom if necessary.


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What clients say

I was so grateful for the care and space you held open for me in our session. It allowed your words and touch to run very deep and release not only physical but mental knots. I would recommend any of your therapies very highly to anyone! 

FP, Cornwall

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