Check In…Not Check Out  


Our meditation group offering something for everyone.   Making the choice to offer ourselves space and bringing our awareness to our breath and bodies is deeply supportive for our every day wellbeing. It can support us to connect with an inner stillness and settlement that offers a foundation that can bring a consistency and steadiness to every day life. 


A great support concerning stress and anxiety, regular meditation can bring more understanding, focus and purpose.   


Join  us for Gentle Breath Meditation Groups which are simple, supportive and practical for everyday life.   

Currently offered free online once a week on Wednesday.


"The techniques taught to me within group sessions are with much care and gentleness shown both by Andrew and Samantha. They have helped me to help myself. I can now quickly reach 'within' to attain a point of stillness where any troubling thoughts or anxiety just melt away, where ever I am or whatever Life throws at me. 'So simple yet so very powerful'
 What a wonderful technique to learn for this hectic world of ours.

Thank you both for sharing."



What: Meditation group

When: Wednesday once a week

Cost: FREE

Where: At the cinic. See Map.

Time: 7:30 - 8pm

Bookings: Please book in advance.


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Call the clinic 01208 816 666

What clients say

I was so grateful for the care and space you held open for me in our session. It allowed your words and touch to run very deep and release not only physical but mental knots. I would recommend any of your therapies very highly to anyone! 

FP, Cornwall

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