Exercise Classes

We have classes designed to offer something for every-body. 


‘Stretch and Flow’  

A 6 week programme specifically for women,  designed to support flexibility, balance and strength as well as breath and body awareness. The sessions are gentle but focused and include the whole body.


Suitable for all ages and all abilities, including if you are currently recovering from an illness or injury or have a chronic condition.


The classes are intentionally small to ensure that each client is supported individually and that they have the space to refine and develop the exercises. This is a very practical simple programme that can be used at home as well as in the class.  

Currently running online. Please contact us or subscribe to our newsletter for dates of the next class.


‘Spine Fit’ 

A class specifically designed for anyone with back and/or neck pain, this is a gentle but powerful 6 week programme to increase strength, core stability and flexiblity of the spine.


Great for anyone with short or longstanding back or neck pain and suitable for all ages and abilities both men and women.


Hosted by Andrew Mooney, a Physiotherapist with over 20 years experience who has completed research into low back pain as well as modified Pilates training. Currently running online. Contact us or subscribe to the clinic for dates of the next class.

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How to book

All class programmes are available throughout the year and are currently running online. To ask a question or to book a class click on the BOOK MY PLACE button below.

Each 6 week programme costs £60 in advance and the sessions are recorded so if you cannot make it to a class or if you want to practice between the classes, you get a recording of each class included in the price. So you never have to miss a class!


See our T&C's

New dates and classes are added regularly but to keep up to date you can subscribe to our regular newsletter.

"I joined Sam's class 4 weeks ago and already I am feeling and better able to physically cope with life. She offers a series of gentle yet extremely effective exercises, which help us to become more knowledgeable about our bodies and how best to use them. All this is offered with a quiet enthusiasm. I have always hated formal kind of exercise is I have poor balance and spacial awareness, yet Sam just encourages me to work at my pace, and if I do make mistakes and stumble we can all smile and just move on. Everyone joins the class with their own problems yet being taught in a supportive manner is encouraging for all."



What: Online Exercise Classes

When: Rolling calendar of dates - please contact us for details. 

Cost: £60 for 6 week programme

Where: Online

Time: Contact us

Bookings: It is necessary to book and pay in advance

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